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There’s No Need to Fear the Dentist Anymore


Are you afraid of the dentist? Did you know that there are so many people with this fear that it’s labelled as an actual phobia? Dentophobia is a term referring to an intense fear of the dentist.

Many people are afraid of the dentist because of a negative experience that happened in their youth, such as having a painful tooth extraction or cavity filling.

The good news is that medical technologies have come a long way, and procedures that used to be very uncomfortable and invasive can now be conducted much more quickly, using more effective sedation techniques that often don’t even require the use of needles.

Nitrous oxide is a popular sedation option for patients with fear and or anxiety about their dental treatment. It also reduces pain by disrupting the pain sensors in the mouth and throat.

Nitrous oxide, also referred to as laughing gas, is an effective treatment option that is inhaled in the form of a gas, meaning it can be administered in a way that is completely pain-free.

It has a euphoric effect that patients say makes them feel happy, which is where the name laughing gas comes from.

It is a great option for patients of all age groups – from children to seniors – to put them at ease during their visit to the dentist.

Laughing gas delivers a mild to moderate level of sedation that allows the patient to remain calm, relaxed, and conscious throughout their dental checkup. Because patients do stay awake when sedated by laughing gas, they will be able to hear everything being said in the room and respond to any questions asked by the dentist, dental hygienist, and team.

The effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly, making it a great treatment option for patients that need to drive home after their appointment.

Many dentists will administer oxygen to patients for a few minutes after the effects of the gas wears off. This helps prevent the patient from developing a headache, which, along with nausea, is the most common side effect of nitrous oxide.

If the thought of a dental visit makes you nervous, call and speak with one of our team members at Downtown Whitby Dentistry today. We’ll explain the process of conducting an examination using nitrous oxide to keep you calm, relaxed, and make it easier for you to keep up with the regular dental checkups you need.

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